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Bursary Funding Criteria Foundation Degree
Please read this carefully before completing the bursary application form
Bursary award support is not guaranteed and is reviewed annually in line with local authority funding.
Bursary awards are a contribution towards your continuous professional development. All applicants are expected to contribute some funding towards the cost of the qualification they are applying for (minimum £100).
To qualify for funding or support for training the course must be approved by SfYC. Funding will be available and prioritised for L5 Foundation Degree e.g. Early Childhood Studies and if necessary GCSE Maths/English.
Early years and childcare practitioners are eligible to apply for ONE L5 bursary award (payable over 2/3 year period)during their career in Hampshire. Eligibility will depend on having a valid training subscription number.
With effect from April 2013, Bursary Awards will only be available for courses that start in September/October and/or January.
Please check that the Foundation Degree course you are considering fulfils the current sector requirements and that you/your setting will be able to commit to the necessary study hours/time out of the setting before applying for your bursary.
Priority will be given to level 3/foundation degree applications from the PVI sector based on the following criteria
- inadequate/satisfactory Ofsted judgement settings
- existing good/outstanding childminders who hold a L3 and GCSE C grade in English/Maths
- practitioners in areas of deprivation that hold a full and relevant L3 and GCSE C grades in English/Maths
- practitioners in settings that do not have a current graduate pathway practitioner
- practitioners who are/will become part of the Two Year old offer scheme
Supply cover may be available to targeted settings, SfYC will inform your setting if this is applicable.
School based staff - only those working their full contracted paid hours in the nursery and/or reception class will be eligible to apply for an Early Years relevant Foundation Degree. Please print the bursary application form as a signature from the Headteacher is required by all school based applicants.
With effect from 1st April 2012 any practitioner requesting a bursary for Foundation Degree study must be aware that bursary support will be capped at £2,500 per award. Funding for future years cannot be guaranteed at this stage. N.B. Proof of GCSE C grades in English and Maths will be required by the Foundation Degree provider if a SfYC bursary is awarded.
Each early years setting should have a training/development plan for their staff. Priority should always be given to ensuring that the number of qualified staff meet the requirements as defined by their Ofsted registration and/or the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage - Welfare Requirements 2012.
Each setting must actively support their staff in attending qualification training, by implementing/evaluating and sustaining changes to day to day practice as determined by the qualification where necessary.
Settings must allow the training provider access to staff for the purpose of assessment and observation as and when required.
BA Hons top up applications will not be funded in 2012/13 due to the continuation of the EYPS pathways.
All completed application forms must be received by the SfYC before or within 2 weeks of the training start date - incomplete forms will not be accepted. An up-to-date SfYC subscription number must be quoted.
All requests that meet the above funding criteria will be considered, however we cannot guarantee to fund all applications.
Full completion of the course is required. If for any reason you do not start or you withdraw from your qualification course once a bursary has been claimed by the college/training provider, you must inform the SfYC within 15 working days and be aware that failure to comply with this time frame means all or part of the bursary will be reclaimed from you.
If you withdraw from foundation degree study following guidance/advice from your provider, any future bursary application in order to resume your study may not be considered/or be subject to additional criteria.
If funding is approved a confirmation slip detailing the amount awarded will be sent to you within 15 working days. You must take the confirmation slip to the training provider and obtain and keep a receipt as proof you have done this. It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not receive confirmation of your award or a letter explaining why it has been declined.
Any registration forms and exit questionnaires required by SfYC must be completed and returned to SfYC for monitoring purposes.
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