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L5/L6 Bursary Funding application form 2014/2015

For early years relevant Level 5 Diploma/Foundation Degree/L6 B.A. (Hons) top up

Eligibility criteria

All practitioners in settings can apply for bursary award support. Please refer to the level of funding information for the amount that can be applied for.

  • Bursary Awards are a contribution towards your continuous professional development. All applicants are expected to contribute towards the cost of the qualification they are applying for
  • To qualify for bursary award funding, the Level 5 Diploma/Foundation Degree or L6 B.A.(Hons) top up courses must be recognised by SfYC.
  • Priority will be given to applications from practitioners who are employed in settings that have joined the 2014/15 Training Subscription scheme.
  • School based staff – only those working their full contracted paid hours in the Nursery and/or Reception class will be eligible to apply for an Early Years relevant L5 Diploma/ Foundation Degree/L6 bursary award.
  • Level 5 Diploma/Foundation Degree/B A Hons. bursary award amounts  will be as published on our web site.   Funding from April 2015 onwards cannot be guaranteed.
  • Settings must allow the training provider access to staff for the purpose of assessment and observation as and when required.
  • All completed application forms must be received by SfYC 1 month before the L5/FD/B A Hons. course starts – Incomplete forms will not be accepted. A valid 2014/15 subscription number must be quoted.
  • All requests that meet the above funding criteria will be considered, however, we cannot guarantee to fund all applications.
  • Full completion of the course is required. 
  • If for any reason you do not start or you withdraw from your L5/L6 course once the email confirming your bursary award has been sent to your chosen provider, you must inform SfYC within 20 working days.
  • Failure to comply with this time frame means all the bursary will be reclaimed from you.
  • Withdrawal from L5/L6 study following guidance/advice from your provider will need to be supported with written evidence from the provider/yourself within the above stated time frame.
  • You CANNOT change your course provider once we have sent the confirmation email to them. Please ensure you have given the correct information on your bursary application form.  This is especially important if you are studying with Alton, St. Vincent’s or Southampton City colleges who are affiliated with University of Portsmouth.
  • It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not receive confirmation of your award or an explanation of why your application has been declined within 15 working days.
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