Request to receive your payslip online

Data Protection Act 1998 - we will only process the personal data supplied in order to respond to your request to receive your payslip on-line, which will be treated confidentially. In general it will be used for administrative, monitoring and statistical purposes.
Internet Self Service (ISS) has been developed to enable all staff across schools and departments to access their payslips on-line through any internet connected PC – whether at home or at work.
If you have not yet received a registration letter for ISS and would like to use the system, please complete the form below and a sign up letter will be sent to you.
Once you register on ISS your paper payslip, if you receive one, will be no longer be sent to you.
Please use 'add' button to provide more than 1 Personnel Number
For more information about ISS see the Learn IT pages
If you would like a copy of this form for your records, please complete your e-mail address below:
When you submit this form, it will be sent to the HR Pay & Contract Support Services, Hampshire County Council, Hampshire House, 84 - 98 Southampton Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 5PA.
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