Keep In Touch (KIT) Notification Form

Data Protection Act 1998 - we will only process your personal data in order to respond to your Keep in Touch (KIT) Request, which will be treated confidentially. In general it will be used for administrative, monitoring and statistical purposes.

This form must be completed by the line manager of the employee who is absent on a family friendly absence.

Please use 'add' button to provide more than 1 Personnel Number
Type of contract *
Type of contract
Do these KIT attendances relate to;
Do these KIT attendances relate to;

Employees are entitled to a maximum of 10 KIT occurrences.

Please ensure you state each of the dates and the hours worked on these dates. If you are completing this form for a member of teaching staff please write full or half day in the hours box.

Date(s) KIT attendances worked: *
Date(s) KIT attendances worked:
Please use 'add' buttons to provide more than 1 date.

KIT payments will be offset against any other payments due in the week in which they are worked so that the aggregate will be adjusted to not exceed weekly pay.

When you submit this form, it will be sent to the Line Manager/yourself and to the IBC.
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