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Pre-visit information

Teachers planning to visit the Great Hall are asked to arrange a pre-visit to discuss details with the Education Officer.


The charge for a Led Session is £4 per child.
VAT applies to non-Hampshire County Council schools. All accompanying adults on an educational visit are free. We will invoice you after the visit.

Special needs and considerations

Please note any special needs, mobility difficulties, acute allergies, illnesses, etc., of children and helpers expected to attend.

Please read the following reminders before sending off your form

We expect risk assessments to have been completed in advance of the school visit. Leaders planning to visit are encouraged to visit beforehand to discuss details with one of our Custodians. Please phone 01962 846476 to arrange a time.

Ensure children and helpers wear suitable footwear and clothing. Please ring if you are uncertain.

Ensure an adequate number of adult helpers. We recommend at worst:

1 adult to 4 children at Foundation Stage

1 adult to 5 children at Key Stage 1
1 adult to 8 children at Key Stage 2 and above
Ensure children are well behaved to make best use of the learning opportunities and so that their health and safety is not put at risk. All students must remain within sight of a responsible adult at all times.
Children may use the gift shop in small groups of no more than 12.

Data Protection Act 1998 - The information you have provided will only be used to process your application and will not be passed to any other organisation.

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